Control Air




Our Engineering Division specializes in the co-created, cost-effective, sustainable design, and innovation of all commercial type facilities throughout California. Supporting clients from design to construction, and the ongoing operation, we provide effective and efficient engineering services. Control Air demonstrates value, regardless of the three core design approaches used in the industry today - Design Build, Design Assist, and Plan & Spec.

Project Highlight  I   Chapman University Braden Hall   I  Completed 2016

Project Highlight I Chapman University Braden Hall I Completed 2016

Mechanical Design

HVAC and Plumbing systems should never impact the overall design and inspiration of building. Rather, engineering systems should focus on operational efficiency and value engineering. From Pre-Construction to Construction, our team knows how to design the optimal mechanical solution that satisfies our clients’ current needs, as well as planning ahead for their future needs.

Energy modeling

There is no doubt about it, buildings are going green. Green buildings have proven to be a more valuable asset than conventional buildings, with a global average value that is 19% greater than their peers (Ernst & Young, 2017). All of our engineering designs strive to be green, thus providing longer lasting impact and value for our clients.


Long-term value is a crucial aspect of any project. Spaces that benefit from efficient systems and design, reduce the risk for clients. Our Energy Analysts blend advanced modeling techniques with a 45-year foundation of MEP engineering, to create facilities and buildings that are energy-efficient, cost-effective, comfortable and truly sustainable.